About Keris Dermatology

Founded by experienced dermatologist and dermatological researcher Dr. Sumayah Jamal, Keris Dermatology offers an extensive selection of medical dermatology procedures. One of the most commonly treated dermatological disorders, acne is an often-embarrassing skin condition that affects men and women of all ages. Characterized by the appearance of pimples and blackheads on the skin, acne usually results from clogged pores, excessive production of skin oil, acne-causing bacteria, and inflammation. Dedicated to providing patients with solutions tailored to their individual needs, Keris Dermatology offers a large variety of acne treatment options. For many acne cases, prescribed medications such as oral or topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, and retinoids can produce significant results. For patients with particularly acne-prone skin, Keris Dermatology routinely performs microdermabrasions and chemical peels to help clear up patches of acne. In addition to these options, Keris Dermatology offers Isolaz laser treatment, which circumvents many of the potential side effects of oral therapies. Keris Dermatology also offers treatment options for melasma, a significant darkening of sun-exposed areas. Although melasma appears considerably more in women due to increased or irregular hormonal activity, the most important factor is extended exposure to sunlight. Due to the difficulty in treating melasma, Keris Dermatology recommends that patients adopt a skin-care regimen of sunscreens and topical antioxidant to reduce pigment production. Keris Dermatology sometimes prescribes pigment-reducing agents, which often yield good results. In certain melasma cases, Keris Dermatology will also perform chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or a number of laser treatments designed to clear up affected skin areas. Committed to stemming the onset of skin cancer, Keris Dermatology offers a comprehensive skin-cancer screening service. Because research indicates that 20 percent of Americans will develop skin cancer over the course of their lifetimes, Keris Dermatology recommends yearly screenings to ensure early detection and treatment.


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